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Our vision

We provide the highest quality artificial lighting for the home and industry in any space.

Development and production

In recent years our company has been transformed to a leader in the field of development and production of light technologies. We offer complex solutions from the custom-made production of
the lightening system or stretched systems to the intelligent automatization and safety of special projects and households. Many years of our experiences and our passion in this field make the life easier and more comfortable

Mission and mission

We produce eco-friendly lighting for home and industry that saves your eyes.
Lighting from us improves mood and performance, increases energy or helps to relax.

Development of the company
When the circumstances push you into a progress, new innovations can rise. Michal, the founder of the company Minalox, wanted to build a standard passive and intelligent house. The market deliverers couldn´t copy his needs that´s why he decided to build his house by himself. When searching for suitable solutions as the intelligent automatization and safety in the company Loxone he found the technology of stretched systems Clipso. Using the facilities of this technology moved
him to the custom – made lightening, lamps, shop-windows or lightboxes.

We save energy and time
In Minalox we make things differently. Our aim is to improve the comfort with meaningful innovations, that we try to create in every situation. There is always the way how to improve the world around us and this way to bring joy into the life.
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