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Real intelligent automatization of flats, industrial and hotels spaces and office buildings - we can automatize all kinds of projects.

According to time needs, circumstances and schedule
Automatic switching on and off the lights depending on actual circumstances and the amount of natural light in the room and intelligent shadowing that matches to the actual room temperature and the sun position, the heating system that offers the highest comfort and safety items as alarm against the housebreaking, fire and flood control alarm - all this and much more.

Prevention and monitoring
All data as temperature, humidity and the air quality are registered and the system learns by itself and optimises itself. Excessive humidity can cause big damage in the whole object. By watching the humidity and providing the air circulation it is possible to avoid these problems. The sensor makes you aware of the problem for example in your mobile application

Lower your expenses
The expenses for the energy make a significant portion of your overall costs. The system is able to optimize the consumption of energy thanks to the intelligent cooperation of all facilities. In the
rooms that actually aren´t occupied, or after the closing time the heating is automatically damped, all the lights as well and all the electronic devices are automatically switch off.

Enjoy more comfort

An iron or oven can cause fire when switched on and if necessary it can be automatically switched off by the system. If it comes to an accidental locking of a person inside the house, any family member can remotely open the door through the application. Besides you can give the access code to your
reliable neighbours.
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